Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Do you already have a sexselfie?

We do have something new: during the sex we need a break, because otherwise we don’t have time to make a sexselfie… Nice to have on your own phone, or even on your social media account to share it with the world?
One out of five people make a selfie during the sex, analysed a British company. These pictures aren’t only for private usage, but are also available for public. At the twitter-page sexselfies you can find several selfies of men and women during the sex.
That we during the sex are thinking about social media is a big difference with a couple of years ago. Even if we know that the world is watching us continuously, we think it’s important to make a picture of ourselves during the sex.
If the photo is meant for our social media, our sex life isn’t private anymore. We want to show our ‘happy-moment’ and say: ‘Look how amazing my sex life is’. Intimacy doesn’t have the same meaning anymore.
What do you think? Is it possible to have sex in the future, without someone else’s watching you?

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