Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Selfie is surely the word of the year. There is no one, no matter if a celebrity or not, who hasn’t a collection of his/her face in a thousand different ways. It does not count if you are at a wedding, conference, or even funeral, you have to capture the magical expression on your face and share it with the rest of the world.
The question is then: why do we take selfies? Who says that is a narcissistic need, forgets that Narcissus died looking at his own image reflected in a pond. Who takes selfie doesn’t do that to look at him/herself, but to let other people look at him/her. More than for vanity, the selfie seems to entail a profound need to be known in the big net and to be “liked” for at least 5 minutes a day. That is why selfies don’t remain in someone’s photo library but get shared on every social networks we can think of. 
However, to be liked, the selfie needs to respect some essential rules:
1) The selfie must be sexy!!
It doesn’t matter if you are shy, selfies must reveal the tiger underneath your clothes. Duck face, sexy look, selfie must prove that, although you are not exactly a beauty, you can be as sexy as Kim Kardashian. Even if you are actually lively as a dead fish, your selfie must be hotter that the Death Valley desert. 
2) The selfie must be highly caloric!
Who cares about diet? You are naturally thin and in shape. You can eat tons of fries, cookies and nutella and you will be always gorgeous in front of the camera. Obviously, once you have taken the selfie, you usually give back the junk food to the man sat next to you in the restaurant. You can go back eating your little green lettuce.
3) The selfie must show how fantastic you are!
The selfie must reveal your outgoing, funny, hilarious personality. There’s no time for anonymous selfies of people who don’t want to leave their mark on the net. But that’s not you: you are able to do crazy things, to look like a poor dog left 8 hours under the rain, you are a star, for mercy’s sake. It doesn’t matter if in the meanwhile other 2,767 people are posting the same pic, you will shine no matter what.

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