Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Selfie addiction keeps boosting Cosmetic Industry

We’ve repeatedly spoken about this trend in previous articles at LipoAdvisor but the hype of selfie seems to keep playing an increasingly strong role in cosmetic surgery! As we mentioned in a recently published post the selfies obsession has reached a new peak and according to AAFPRS the reason for 33% (!!) of Plastic Surgeries seem to be this insane hype!
Let’s investigate a little further: Looking at your selfie was supposed to be a pleasant experience but reality is different! The more you look at a selfie the uglier you feel you are! It seems that the very dissatisfaction caused by the flaws pointed out by people when carefully checking their selfies pushes them to cosmetic surgery!
And what brought about this selfie craze? It’s fairly simple: the rise of social media, the rise of the facebook empire and other social networks made selfie appear as the ticket to a “better life”, where approval and admiration from social neighbours is evitable.. only if your selfie is Perfect!
It’s quite impressive the fact that cosmetic surgery candidates present their selfies to doctors asking them to improve all the flaws they’ve noticed and want to be fixed! A renowned New York plastic surgeon , Dr. Sam Rizk told Reuters: “There has been a 25 percent increase over the past year and a half to two years. That is very significant,” and added “They come in with their iPhones and show me pictures. Selfies are just getting to be so crazy.”
Rhinoplasty, hair transplants and eyelid surgery are the most sought-after procedures for an audience that wants to post the ideal selfie on Instagram, iPhone etc. The selfie maniacs claim that a good selfie is a great investment for a better profesional career or personal life and while this at first glance seems to have a point, we feel it’s a huge delusion that neither the victim nor the victimizer are willing to wipe out!
And where this trend leads? To an obsession, which later is transformed to a powerful addiction and brings tones of profits to the industry of cosmetic surgery!

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